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Auditing and Assurance Services - Foster Transparency and Accountability

“Businesses must live up to the expectations of stakeholders, clients, investors, employees, and people, let alone the regulatory bodies.”

"Businesses must live up to the expectations of stakeholders, clients, investors, employees, and people, let alone the regulatory bodies."

Auditing and assurance services help your business cultivate trust and meet the company's objectives. Businesses have never operated without trust between the company and clients, employees, and investors. The industry demands that a company be transparent and accountable. Therefore, businesses must live up to the expectations of stakeholders, clients, investors, and employees, let alone the regulatory bodies.

While management might suffice for the financial and business analysis, they can't uncover all the gaps, mitigate risks, and ensure credibility. What your business needs is professional auditing and assurance services.

What are Auditing and Assurance Services?

Audit and assurance have two components and hence, two core processes - audit and assurance.

Audit reviews the overall accounting and financial processes and checks the credibility of the financial reports. Therefore, the audit can evaluate the correctness and mistakes in accounting and financial operations.

Assurance is the part where you analyse the financial records and operations. Assurance provides an opinion on the company's operations and where the company is headed in the future. Assurance provides a conclusion to the audit.

In simple words, audit evaluates the integrity of financial records, whereas assurance provides an opinion on a company's performance, viability, and sustainability. Assurance strives to verify that there are no irregularities or misrepresentations in a financial report. This brings us to the importance of audit & assurance services.

Why Do Businesses Need Audit and Assurance Services?

The business owner and management want to know if the financial records are accurate and if the business is heading toward the company's objectives. This is why companies conduct internal audits. However, that is not enough for the interests of an individual or group outside of the company.

A business is answerable to various individuals and groups, such as regulators, investors, stakeholders, employees, etc. It is also answerable to society, the nation, and the environment. Therefore, the company must be able to prove its credibility to everyone and gain trust. Thus, it is crucial for every business to consult auditing and assurance services periodically. This helps evaluate the financial reports and records, analyze the company's performance, and assist management in taking measures to improve. Moreover, audit and assurance services reduce the risks of failures, inefficiency, gaps, penalties, and non-compliance.

Why Does the company need to be auditing?

Differences Between Auditing and Assurance Services


  • Auditing means verifying the accounting information in financial statements and checking the correctness of it.
  • Audit strives to find fraudulent activity, dishonesty, or misuse of the funds in financial records.
  • Auditing follows international accounting standards.
  • The audit requires much time and resources.
  • The goal of auditing is to present precise and truthful financial information according to accounting principles and business standards.


  • Assurance is analyzing and assessing the financial operations, different procedures, and business processes.
  • Assurance usually follows the audit and supports informed decision-making.
  • However, assurance can be conducted according to the regulations restricted to a region.
  • Assurances require comparatively less time and resources.
  • The goal of auditing is to make sure that the accounting information is correct and accurate.
why auditing and assurance services can improve the efficiency?

Benefits of Auditing and Assurance Services

Let us see what benefits an external audit and assurance services offers a company. The auditing and assurance services help the company in these ways:

  • Meeting the business and industry demands
  • Identifying significant gaps and risks
  • Identify financial fraud or fraudulent activities
  • Reducing the information risk and supporting decision-making
  • Finding the scope for the improvement
  • Evaluating the performance of the company
  • Determining the sustainability of the business
  • Foster transparency and accountability
  • Ensuring compliance with regulations

Auditing and Assurance Services Offered by A2 Accountants

Our audit and assurance service providers evaluate the company’s financials and provide an opinion on the company’s performance. Thus, we help the company find its mistakes and check where they stand. 

Actuarial services

Actuarial services are crucial in assessing, planning, and determining the financial risks and their impacts on companies. We use advanced mathematics and statistics to calculate the risks involved.

Capital markets

One of the most important roles of audit is to help the company build trust in capital markets. Our team provides advice on national and international deals, business processes, business environment changes, and regulatory guidelines that can affect accounting and financial services.

Corporate reporting

No company can flourish without insightful, truthful, and holistic reporting. Management and stakeholders both need corporate reports for decision-making. We work to ensure that the corporate reports communicate the value of the business.

Financial audit

Financial records of an organization must be fair, precise, and truly represent the transactions they claim. Our financial audit examines and evaluates the financial statements and records.

IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)

The financial statements should follow the International Financial Reporting Standards. Therefore, we evaluate if the financial reporting is done as per the standards of the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB).

Internal audit

Internal audit works to assess the accounting and financial statements, provide addition to the business operations, and help them achieve the objectives. We help clients gauge and improve the effectiveness of their internal control and risk management procedures.

Next Generation Audit

Our next-generation audit takes all four components - people, technology, processes, and planning into account. Therefore, we conduct audit procedures with a vision of the future that’s people-led and tech-powered

Risk assurance

A company must verify the risks and work to mitigate or control them. We bring together the processes of internal audits, specialized audits, and management reviews to test and validate the internal control environment and mitigate risks.

Sustainability assurance services

We ensure that the products and services are produced and delivered sustainably, improving the living conditions and environmental conditions. Moreover, we evaluate the company operations to verify and conclude if the business meets international sustainability standards.

Why Trust Our Auditing and Assurance Services?

With the help of our auditing and assurance services, your business can:

  • Easily find the mistakes in financial records
  • Identify the fraudulent activity and behaviour
  • Understand where it stands and is headed
  • Prevent the penalties from regulatory bodies
  • Find scope for improvements and make informed decisions
  • Live up to the expectations of clients, customers, employees, and industry

Our Systematic Approach to Auditing and Assurance

We take a stepwise and systematic approach to auditing and assurance. Here's how we perform the audit and assurance in 6 steps.

Define Objectives

We first identify and define the objectives, which helps us focus on the required areas and gain in-depth insights.

Identify and Prioritise Risks

After that, we evaluate and identify the risks and their projected impacts on the business. We then set a priority list of the risks and define which ones we would be focussing on.

Draft the Plan

Now, we make a plan with detailed procedures to manage and tackle the risks.

Communicate to the Team

The risks and plans are communicated to everyone on the audit team.

Implement and Monitor

We then implement the plan and monitor it in a timely manner to manage the risks effectively.

Document the Risks

Finally, the last step concludes our audit and assurance services when we document the audit risks and mention the opinion.

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Each business has different requirements, and therefore, no audit and assurance package can fit all. We rather offer customised services for each business according to the company's needs. To get started with the audit and assurance process and understand the procedure, call us at 1800 580-5375. Our expert accountants will answer your query and brief you on suitable auditing and assurance services!

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